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Professional service of a big city firm with the personal touch of a small town practice.

About Us


At Ludeau Law Firm, we are focused on providing legal services to individuals involved in personal injury, automobile accidents, offshore accidents, workers comp accidents and divorce matters.


With years of experience in the defense industry and even more experience in the courtroom, we know all of the tricks in the book that the opposition will throw at you in an attempt to have you settle your claims for less than they are worth.  But if the defense doesn't want to settle before trial, we have no problem taking them to court to make them really pay. Insurance companies know that plaintiff attorneys who were once defense attorneys do not settle for just any offer made to their client.  We are experienced in evaluating a case for its true worth and intimately familiar with the skill set required to convince a courtroom of what your case is worth.  We can get you what you deserve.


Whether you are looking for an experienced personal injury lawyer in Ville Platte or an experienced divorce lawyer in Ville Platte,  just know that when you need justice we are ready when you are!

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